Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQUERY Problem
Author Andy Murphy
>Just to complete the picture - what do you get from
>DevExpress that is 'missing' from an IB_Grid?

Well I originally got into the devexpress grid because I wanted a better
menu system, their express bars system is very good. I then thought well I
like this idea of the grid because it does grouping and sorting and summarys
without having to code anything.

Then there is the grid settings stored to the registry without coding, and
more importantly the grid modes.

Basic grids with lots of read only data scroll badly. They tend to jump to
the bottom and top of the grid upon scroll. The DevExpress grid allows you
to go into Partial Load mode which means the grid scrolls and acts far more
professionally. Load All mode is perfect for smaller datasets and does all
the work for you.

Most of my clients havent come accross grids before. They can only relate to
Excel as the only 'grid' they have used. The DevExpress grid was the only
one I have found that works as smoothly as something like Excel.

It still takes a bit of getting used to but I couldnt recommend it highly
enough. I have over 2000 happy users. Nuff said.

After trying out all sorts of components to help us design large (3million
record +) read-only multi user fast information systems and I have found the
best solution in delphi, simply IBO + DevExpress (menus, grid & memdata) +
Report Builder. I have spent to much of my time struggling with standard
grids, menus and IBX/BDE and QuickReport.