Subject Re: [IBO] Invalid class typecast

You are correct. I uninstalled IBO and reinstalled. All works fine

Thanks Much

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> I believe you have a problem of installation of IBO.
> Make a clean on ibo files and try install again.
> Luiz.
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> Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 4:41 PM
> Subject: [IBO] Invalid class typecast
> > Hello:
> >
> > I am new to both Interbase and IBO. I have set up a simple form
> > has a TIB_Connection, TIB_Transaction, TIB_Datasource,
> > and a IB_Edit. I believe I have all the necessary properties set
> > correctly. I can connect to the Database etc. just fine. The
> > problem I have is when I try to set the Datasource and Datafield
> > properties in the IB_Edit. I can select the Datasource from the
> > down menu but when I try to set the Datafield I get the
> > error "Invalid Class Typecast". I get this error when I try to
> > select the drop down menu. If I try to type the fieldname I get
> > error after each character typed. However, once I have the
> > fieldname entered and run the program, the IB_edit works fine.
If I
> > go to the Basic Tutorials and bring up Tutorial 4 I get the same
> > error when attempting to set the property on the sample form. I
> > downloaded IBO yesterday so I assume I have the latest version.
> > anyone help ? Thanks.
> >