Subject ANN: IB LogManager 2.0 released! Special offer for the IBO-community!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi IBO-list,

I'm proud to announce the final release of IB LogManager 2.0
and IB LogManager 2.0 Viewer. This new major release has got
many enhancements, bugfixes and is now easier to use, more
reliable - simply a powerful data logging utility for your
Interbase/Firebird database.

A special offer for new and existing IBO customers at the
end of this message!

1) What is IB LogManager?

IB LogManager is a data logging tool for Interbase/Firebird. IB
LogManager logs data changes in the database for each data
manipulation operation (Delete/Insert/Update) on specific database
objects (tables, columns). You are able to define easily, which
database objects should be logged. If you are interested in logging a
history (changes) of prices in a table ARTICLE, just define it with
one mouse-click. It's easy and no programming needed!

2) Main enhancements in IBLM 2.0

- IB LogManager is now fully implmented with Jason Wharton's IBObjects
- Third-party packages were updated to their latest release
- IBam (Interbase Alias Manager) support. Connecting to databases via
IBam aliases implemented. Want to know more about IBam?
- Explicit transaction handling and an improved usage of database
metadata gives you much better performance when working with long
running operations like "Analyzing database", "Register all Tables",
"Unregister all Tables", ...
- Prepare-Wizard was greatly improved and gives you full control over
the logging preparation process
- Export/Import of logging definitions enables you to reuse
your defined logging on many similar databases
- User-defined trigger positions for all created logging triggers
- Automatically registering all columns when registering an operation
can be enabled/disabled
- Columns order, display width and sort order for each data grid is
restored at program start
- Source code of created stored procedures and triggers is now more
readable, when viewing with any third-party tool
- and many more ...

3) IB LogManager 2.0 Viewer available!

Up now there is a "Read-Only" version of IB LogManager available.
This is a separate product called IB LogManager Viewer.
IB LogManager Viewer allows people only to browse, print and export
logged data without the ability to define logging on database objects.
Very useful for people, when they shouldn't have rights changing the
logging definition.

4) Get notified!

To get the latest information, discuss new features and report bugs
please subscribe the IBLogManager forum.

5) Special offer for new and existing IBO customers

There are two special IBLM offers for new and existing IBO customers

- A free Site license (street price 399 EURO) of IBLM 2.0 for the
next 3 new IBO customers who will purchase an IBO GRAND BUNDLE!

- Existing IBO customers with a registered IBO GRAND BUNDLE and new
IBO customers (after the first offer is expired) who will purchase
an IBO GRAND BUNDLE can get a IBLM 2.0 Site License until
December 31, 2001 at a price of a 2 User License (129 EURO)!

If you have any questions about these offers please drop me a line

Best Regards
Thomas Steinmaurer
IB LogManager - The Logging Tool for Interbase/Firebird