Subject Re: [IBO] Speed
Author Lucas Franzen
Jose Gomez schrieb:
> Hi, I've detected that with an TIBOTable, the Append method takes a long
> time (2 seconds), which is dramatically reduced if the FetchWholeRows is
> 'false'.
> Now, the post method is really slow... even with the FetchWholeRows on
> false.
> I'm just appending two or three records on one table and 1 on another, no
> datasources attached, no events are defined.
> Any ideas?

Why don't you just insert the record?

The database itself doesn't know about appending, it just knows: "INSERT
INTO.." statements.

Appending is just a client technology, ie going to the last record (and
depending on the settings thus fetching all records - as you noted) and
then appending a record (which has to be understood in a visual way).