Subject RE: [IBO] Data Dictionary with Interbase and IBO
Author Kaputnik
Yes, it does:

The IB_Connection does provide all the settings as the individual
In addition, you can even define ColumnAttributes based on domain-names,
so you can define e.g. properties for all fields basing on your Boolean
domain and other things. (see FieldEntryTypes)
All FieldsXXX properties are duplicated in the Connection, and entries
in your query are overriding them. Also, the GeneratorLinks are
duplicated here.


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> Subject: [IBO] Data Dictionary with Interbase and IBO
> Hi,
> does anyone know, if IBObjects with Interbase provide some centralized
> place
> to store column atributes definitions like DisplayLabel, DisplayWidth,
> EditFormat etc. like for exapmle SQLExplorer and Data Dictionary does?
> I know, that I can specify these settings in TIBOQuery for each
> but
> do I need to specify this for each query again and again or can I use
> "Data Dictionary" ?
> I appreciate your help.
> Thanks
> Ales Kahanek
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