Subject Re: [IBO] inserting rows into a table
Author Jason Wharton
This is a result of the grid losing focus with an "untouched" insert. The
grid assumes if you went into insert mode and then left the grid without
making any changes that you would appreciate the insert being cancelled.

To avoid this, assign some code in the AfterInsert event to modify a record
to its own current value. This will flag it as "touched" and then it won't
get cancelled on you.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] inserting rows into a table

> I have a wwdbgrid, some wwdbedits and a wwnavigator - all
> infopower2000 components, with v3 of IBO, with the dataaset components
> Someimes, when I click on the insert button, the dataset goes into
> insert mode, and opens up a new row in the grid. However, as soon as
> I click into the first dbedit, the insert 'disappers', and the tables
> goes back into browse mode.
> Would anybody have come across this before? I am a bit lost on this
> one.
> Thanks,
> Stewart Bourke