Subject Re: [IBO] Jason, IBO 4.2
Author Jason Wharton

> It's time for this company to purchase your IBO components. they are
> running 3.6 here, I would
> like to upgrade to the new version(4.x)

If the company has not purchased IBO in the past (IOW they are using a free
version), an upgrade option isn't the way to go. They should purchase a
license and then after one year they can purchase at upgrade pricing.

As a side note: I don't ask any more than *consideration* of this to be
given but, for example: If a company uses IBO for free under trustware for 8
months and then purchases a license I would like for it to be considered as
if they had purchased that license 8 months ago. No person or company is
expected to pay more than they can afford comfortably but to the extent that
they can I appreciate that the entire time IBO is used commercially for that
time to eventually be covered when the revenues do come in. That is the
investment in people I endeavor to make and I hope it will pay off well for
us all.

> how should I do this? purchase the 4.2 version and install? or install the
> trial version then license it? will I have some compatibility issues? I
> have a lot of the IBOtables and IBOqueries and none of IBtables and
> IBqueries.
> will I be anticipating any problems? with this

There are a couple of things which you will need to change but there
shouldn't be any problems. In fact, there are some rather significant
improvements you may benefit from that you are not enjoying right now. All
that you need to know to get your current app running under IBO 4.x is
documented in the release notes. Only a few things should impact you.

One that I have not mentioned yet is with TIBOTable. If you are using it for
small lookup table you intend to keep all records in memory with, set the
AutoFetchAll property to true and this will make them run efficiently for
this case. By default I have TIBOTable setup to be efficient with large
tables it needs to virtualize small views of via horizontal dataset

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ