Subject Re: [IBO] Views updatable using Triggers and IBO
Author Marco Lauria
At 11.38 26/11/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>I light of this, Marco's idea to use 1 instead of 0 is more favorable
>because other client tools that aren't as flexible as IBO to change to
>recognize -1 as a value to simply ignore will be broken by making it return

So your position is that
if if firebird-development-team decide that for release 1.0
they will release an hack the better thing is to return 1 for rowsaffected,
isn't it?
if it is so,
can you write a message on ib-support as well.
Thanks in advance
P.S. if your position is to return -1 and I am so tired that I haven't
your message, can you write an equivalent message to ib-support?