Subject CachedUpdates problem,
Author Laurent GILBERT
Hi all,

I’m using IBO 4.2Fc version. I’ve translated my program from IBO 3.6 to 4.2
last week without problems.

I’ve a procedure to copy selected data from a database to another. I used
IBOQuery components.

In this case, it seems to me that IBO 4.2 is slower than IBO 3.6(????).

I’m looking ‘output’ IBOQuery components and I saw CachedUpdates was false.
When I set them to true, an EintOverflow error exception raised at run :
file “IB_NodeList” at line 655.

Jason, if you want, I can send you screen copy of windows : “exception”,
“BufRef inspect”, “CurRef inspect”, “stack calls”.

“Apos” value was 540 but exception occurs with others values…


Laurent GILBERT.

[sorry for my poor English]

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