Subject Re: [IBO] Howto manually update control when detail dataset changes
> > It works yes, but you miss the point that
> > 'master dataset scroll' is not equal to 'detail dataset requery'.
> Why?
> When you scroll the master record in a master-detail relationship
it is
> re-querying the detail query, otherwise you wouldn't see the detail
> records for the current master but something else.

Correct, but if a=>b it doesn't mean b=>a. If the master record
scrolls, the detail requeries (a=>b), but that doesn't mean that each
time the detail requeries, the master did a scroll before (not b=>a).

> > Scrolling the master dataset is *one* event to trigger a requery.
> > There are others.
> Which ones?

As described below: suppose the master is a detail itself, then the
requery of my detail takes place without scrolling the the master.
There may be other events as well, e.g. a requery initiated by the
user (pressing a refresh button, ...).

> Maybe the refresh action of the Detail Query will do what you want.

This is what I am looking for.

> For example if you have "raOpen" then you can trigger the event in
> the OnAfterOpen of the Detail-Query.

That sounds good. I will give it a try.