Subject Re: [IBO] Howto manually update control when detail dataset chang es
Author Lucas Franzen
> Wrong for the reason I stated before. The event to react on is
> the 'requery of the detail' dataset, not one of the (perhaps
> multiple) events causing the requery.

As stated this morning (or noon).

If you use the OnDataChange event of the MasterDataSource and check for
not assigned field (otherwise this event will also fire whenever you're
moving horizontally (ie from field to field) within your grid) you can
be sure this will be triggered even if you're a re-open on the
MasterQuery (which of course shouldn't trigegr an OnAfterScroll, you're

> What if the master is a detail query itself? Then it gets requeried
> if another query scrolls... does it send an AfterScoll then? Does my
> visualization update properly?

Then the DataSource of the master (which is a detail now, too) will
change, when changing the "super-master".
Still it will work.