Subject Re: [IBO] Howto manually update control when detail dataset changes
> True, that is its intention - but, at the same time, it certainly
doesn't go into abstruse implementations such as this one.

as I said, I did read your GSG and liked it. It covers many aspects
of develoment with IBO and I really recommend it to everyone.

I do however not get your point and feel a little offended by calling
my implementation "abstruse" ... you don't know enough about the
project I am working on, so please be careful.

Regarding the issue, I am willing to learn from you. I try to think
data, think data, ... but my issue is with displaying it. So please
give me a hint what would be the proper way to display the data of a
detail query in a master detail relationship in a cross-tab grid (or
any other visualization not supported by IBO controls).

I would really appreciate your help