Subject Howto manually update control when detail dataset changes
I need to display data of a detail dataset in a master-detail view in
a special way, so I cannot bind any of the built-in controls to the
dataset. (Actually data is to be displayed in a grid in a cross-tab
form, but it doesn't really matter for this issue).

I managed to get the master-detail relationship set up and can check
the detail set by simply binding a grid to it. Now which event would
I have to react on to update my own display of the detail dataset
whenever it changes (i.e. whenever it requeries due to the master)?
Of course, I could react on the scrolling of the master dataset, but
this does not seem right to me. I tried afterOpen on the detail
query, but it doesn't work.

And please, don't suggest to derive from one of the IBO controls to
have this done. I know it would be nice, but its really not worth the
effort for my problem.

Thanks in advance