Subject Re: Need to make forms "DatasetAware"
I must first apologize for my poor english !

I am relatively new in IBO programming.

My first project was very centralized : all data access for
displaying, inserting, deleting or updating were on one datamodule,
probably due to my experience using Paradox or DBase based data.
This design lead me to write many lines of code to individualize user
interface on each form.

The great flexibility of IBO components lead me now to one other
design :

-> All data access (queries, cursors, datasources, ...) binded to
user interface of the form are on the form. In my opinion, each
forms look and fonctionnality are specific. As far as possible, the
form (and then all attached data access) is created only when
necessary and destroyed as soon not necessary.

-> IB_connection, IB_Transaction's and all insert, delete or update
stuff (generally IB_Proc's) are centralized on a unique DataModule.
So, all insert, delete or update actions are guaranteed to be
constant through all the application.

Just an opinion ...

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Marco Menardi" <mmenaz@l...> wrote:
> Since I'm extensively using data modules as container for my
> and datasources, but often I need specific control inside the form
> the dataset behaviour, wouldn't be necessary a "source" component
> make the form DatasetEvents aware? A sort of TransactioSource that
> the same IB_Query events and that are triggered by the events of
> linked dataset? (so the form can react to AfterInsert, AfterPost,
> etc.).
> Maybe is not too difficult to be made, but there must be a much
> knowledge of IBO than mine...
> What's your opinion? Any volunteer?
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi