Subject RE: [IBO] fieldinfo
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:53 PM 22-11-01 +0100, you wrote:
>Thanks Helen, I knew this already, but is this information always included
>in the query or is IBO asking that extra information to create the

Not sure I understand what you are asking, but...

Native IBO datasets don't create persistent objects - the Fields[] and Params[] are arrays of tib_Column. TIB_Column fills its properties on Prepare(). It knows what kind of TIB_Column sub-class to create by reading the validation structure back from the API. Does this help?

>I don't have a LanAnalyzer to see what is exactly going over the
>cable and I'am not sure if IB_Monitor is showing exactly only the
>information that is requested by the Query component.

IB_Monitor shows you the Prepare whenever it is done. It's only done when it is needed, e.g. when the statement gets invalidated by clearing and renewing the SQL property.


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