Subject RE: [IBO] fieldinfo
Author Bram van der Voet / A&V
Thanks Helen, I knew this already, but is this information always included
in the query or is IBO asking that extra information to create the
TIB_Column. I don't have a LanAnalyzer to see what is exactly going over the
cable and I'am not sure if IB_Monitor is showing exactly only the
information that is requested by the Query component.

Bram van der Voet / A&V Automatisering

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Van: Helen Borrie [mailto:helebor@...]
Verzonden: donderdag 22 november 2001 14:38
Onderwerp: Re: [IBO] fieldinfo

At 02:28 PM 22-11-01 +0100, you wrote:
>If I do a simple query via IB_Query like for example 'Select NAME from
>customer', is there any information transmitted from the server about the
>fieldsize for NAME field ? If so, how could I find out ?

Look at the help for the many properties of TIB_Column, especially DataSize
and SQLLen.


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