Subject Re: [IBO] Need to make forms "DatasetAware"
> Not everyone will agree but... Put the queries on your form. That's what I
> do.

I'm getting there, but old habits are hard to break - along
with 15 years of programs.

> DataModules are for things which are global. If something is directly
> related to a form, put the queries and transactions, etc. right on it.

And DataModules have their place, but not so necessary with

> In my apps, forms are independent objects which I keep as self contained as
> possible.

And that approach has certainly tidied up my legacy programs
- when I'm allowed to change them <g>

The bit I'm not quite clear on is if I have a largish set of
data that is used in several places, i.e. A grid view form
and a single record view ( I toggle between the two ) is it
better to create a new query for the single record, or just
share the grid view data. I'm sharing at present as having
two separate queries was too slow, but that was probably how
I was using it <g> as the customer likes to step on to
adjacent records once they are in the general area of the
search using the navigate buttons.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services