Subject Re: [IBO] Showing NULL-Columns as in TIB_Grid
> I don't follow what BUM is here.

In C++ it would have had an "int BUM;" just somewhere to
store the value of the Bottom <g>

> I think you should just use BofRowNum. I believe the grid will validate and
> make sure all pertinent records are in the buffer before the paint routines
> are called. As such, it may not be important to consider the BufferHasBof
> property.

OK my changes from IBO3 assummed that I could just use
BofRowNum, but your previous answer suggested that there may
be a problem if BufferHasBof was false.

Is it safe to assume that the Buffer range is BofRowNum to
EofRowNum ?

BofRowNum may or may not be zero, but the number of records
in the buffer = EofRowNum - BofRowNum?

I think I probably have a few places where I've forgotten to
change to BofRowNum, but haven't seen any problems to fix.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services