Subject TIB_ComboBox dropped on a TIB_Grid
I'm trying to use the TIB_ComboBox (not TIB_LookupCombo) on a grid
for inplace editing.
The combo should work on a text field (e.g. something like "TITLE"),
so that the user can either enter free text or select from a list of
predefined values (e.g. "MR.", "MRS.", etc). The text choosen should
go into the field directly (i.e. there is no name->code mapping).

Dropping a combo on the form and binding it to the text field works
nice. I provided the available entries as 'Items' to the combo and
left 'ItemValues' empty.
The result is that I can enter and select any value, but the grid
does not display them unless the combobox is active.

I also tried to provide 'ItemValues' identical to 'Items'. This works
better, but still the grid does not show those entries where there is
no item in the list.

Is TIB_Combobox not designed for this or am I using it the wrong way?