Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Firebird 1.0 - RC1 & IBO
Author Nando Dessena

> I believe at present it is NOT possible to run gfix on a database that has been opened - this situation is *caused* by the exclusive access change.

In fact, if I run gfix a second time to restore forced writes, I get the
error again (until I shut down the server, disconnection does not

> Now, it could be that Jason is calling gfix in the connection code, to set Forced Writes on.

I have tracked it. Jason is just calling isc_database_info (I believe it
does that to read the value, not to change it). It appears to me that
the same code used by gfix is used by isc_database_info; it was
anticipated that the change to the file open mode would have trashed
some functionality, but IBO, gfix and IBConsole is a little too much.

I thought that could be resolved in IBO, but now I realize that it's
meat for ib-support (where the problem has already popped up). Let's
wait for some of the developers to reply.
Given that the problem is easy to reproduce, it should be fairly easy to