Subject Re: [IBO] Transactions
Author Jason Wharton
> What is the difference between starting a transaction with the
> IBOTransaction component or IBODatabase component?

Let me just tell you the difference between the two components and you can
infer the rest.

TIBODatabase is a subclass of a TIB_Connection component. Then, all of the
transaction properties, methods and events are added to it and mapped to an
internal instance of a TIB_Transaction component. Thus, you have the
emulation of the BDE way of wrapping a connection and a transaction into a
single component.

TIBOTransaction is just a descendent of the TIB_Transaction class and is by
itself just a transaction component. This allows you to have additional
transaction contexts without requiring another connection to the database.
It just refers to a TIB_Connection (or one of its descendents like
TIBODatabase) to get the connection it belongs to.

In short, there is no difference starting a transaction with one or the
other. A transaction is a transaction. But, knowing the architecture of the
components hopefully helps you understand when to use on and when to use

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ