Subject Re: [IBO] Error after IBO upgrade: Database information return buffer was truncated
Author Michael Dawson
On Thu, 15 Nov 2001 10:18:22 -0700, Jason Wharton wrote:
JW> Please set the PasswordStorage property to psNotSecure if
JW> that is really what you want it to do.

JW> Be sure to read ALL of the release notes. A major version
JW> change allows me to do things I normally would not do. It
JW> behooves you to find out what those things are.

It must be very demanding to try and provide support on such a
complex product. I did read all eight pages of release notes
before installing version four, but did not understand the
implications of the page four sentence mentioning the
PasswordStorage property.

Alas, this did not appear to be the current problem, as setting
the PasswordStorage property to psNotSecure did not change the
error message.
Security is not an issue with this application, as it is a
tiny one-form personal evaluation example of how Delphi and IBO
work with InterBase. A production app would not store any
user/location information.
It is also my only IBO application, which I've only begun
to look at again now, many months after installing IBOv3 for

Right after I had sent my query, I realized that IB_SQL having
the same error message likely meant that it was nothing to do
with my Delphi setup.
The IBOv3 app and IBConsole work without reporting a
problem, so it is likely that there is something about my setup
that produces an error which only IBOv4 detects.

Is there something else I can try?

Michael Dawson