Subject AW: [IBO] How to highlight the first row of a TIB_Grid
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Svein,

I think I didn't make myself perfectly clear.
The Contact sample shows how to assign different
colors to rows, but I didn't mean this by "highlighting".

I have Rowlines = true and I have focused my grid using
FocusControl. The grid is focused but the cursor doesn't
(Do you call it cursor? I mean the blue thing which can
be used to scroll through the grid using the arrow keys.)

When the window with the grid shows, I want the cursor to
be on the first row, I meant this by "highlighting".

I am looking for a procedure like "IB_Grid.SetCurrentRow(0)"
or something like that, but I can't find it.


P.S.: By the way, thanks for your answer.

Svein wrote:
> Take a look at the Contact sample application.
> Set