Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction AfterCommitRetaining not fired
Author Jason Wharton
> IBO 4_2_Fc. I've a transaction with Autocommit set to true. In this
> situation, a post to the dataset should perform a commitretainint. In
> SQLMonitor I can see that is what it does, but the event is not fired.
> If the same is performed by a IB_TransactionBar, the event is fired.
> Isn't it a bug? I need some code performed in this event in a base
> form and I want the Autocommit too :(

You might want to check the AfterSavePoint event since it is a SavePoint
which is executed and not a CommitRetaining...

What is the difference between the two? SavePoint doesn't require all
datasets in the transaction to be posted but CommitRetaining does require
all datasets in the transactions context to be posted.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ