Subject [IBO] Re: Master Detail: strange behaviour
Author Marco Menardi
I don't know if it's a bug or a feature, but it's causing me some
serious user interface problems.
There is a difference in behaviour:
You have:
Query with commitaction=caClose
Some IBO bars around

If you have a dataset opened and press the Insert button, enter the
fields, post, commit: dataset is closed, ok. Data disappears, you get
the feeling that the work is done.

If you have the dataset in search mode, press the insert button, enter
the fields, post, commit: dataset stays in a strange state... it's
prepared, so you can still see the data just entered in IB_Edits, and
it does not close so it does not automatically return in search
state... my user (and me) are lost...
This is not a good behaviour.
I feel that even if starting in search, IBO should close the query
after the post or, since it's just closed but was in search, return in
search mode.
Or am I missing something?
Marco Menardi