Subject Re: [IBO] Transactions
Author Jason Wharton
> I have 30 tables in my Datamodule which are all opened when the
> app starts, and they remain open as long as the app is running.
> This means that the server doesn't do any garbage collection as
> long as my app is running.
> What should I do to avoid this situation?

Start by searching the archives of this and other lists.
This is one of the hottest topics discussed.
There should also be material in the FAQ search and TI articles on the

Please refrain from asking questions that are so generic it would take
nearly a book to provide an answer for. A comprehensive answer would require
us to know the intimate details of your application and I don't think it is
appropriate for anyone to delve into anything from here.

Some things to key on in your searching are the following:

AutoFetchAll property
CommitAction property
RefreshAction property
TimeoutProps property group
Started property

In general, if the queries are of lookup datasets fetch all the records so
their cursor is not holding things up. If the tables are larger and you
don't want them in memory then make sure they can respond to the automatic
OAT advancement system. There is a tutorial called TransactionOAT that you
should take a look at and become very familiar with. You can simulate many
open datasets with different properties and settings and see how things

Hope this gets you moving in the right direction...

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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