Subject Error after IBO upgrade: Database information return buffer was truncated
Author Michael Dawson
After upgrading to the latest IB_SQL and IBObjects evaluation
version, I get an error when I try to access a Firebird SS (1.0
beta2) database on a Linux server from a Windows NT 4.0 client.

The last version of IBObjects worked fine, as does IBConsole
now. Local access works fine with IB_SQL (when running InterBase
WI-V6.0.0.627 on the NT client machine.)

I assume there is some setting that I must change somewhere, but
I haven't found it yet. I upgraded to the latest Firebird SS,
but that did not help.

IB_SQL and a test IBO Delphi 5 program give me the same error
message: "Database information return buffer was truncated".

Suggestions would be very welcome, as I've searched the archives
without luck.

Michael Dawson