Subject Re: [IBO] Interbase and Dbgrid
Author Jason Wharton
> And I will suggest the use of a TIBOQuery instead of TIBOTable.

No, I specifically mentioned the TIBOTable for a very good reason. It isn't
brain-dead like IBX's TIBTable component and semi-brain-dead like TTable. It
has the dataset refinement of records built into it automatically. Prepare
will be slightly slower because it is actually preparing two statements but
from there out all dataset operations will be much faster than a stock

TIBOQuery can be fixed up to do what TIBOTable automatically does but it is
more work and hassle.

> One other think to remember: don't forget that 56Kb is the speed of
download of the modem. It will upload at 32Kb. So, put the call on the
client side, and don't use "callback" on the server side.

I have no idea what you are referring to here. Please elaborate.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ