Subject Transaction on a Datapump
I'm definitly getting near the bottom of problems on my
remote systems.

One of the rare problems I am getting is to do with a
Datapump operation not completing. It is set up with
ServerAutoCommit, but if the connection hickups during the
transfer, it 'hangs'. I call Close() in a timeout, but it
seems to need a Rollback() to allow the Close() to take
place ( some of the time ). I should add that this appears
to be IB version sensitive, as I have yet to see it on sites
that now have FB running.

So the questions:-

1/ Does the Datapump take control of the transaction with a
StartTransaction and so would need a specific RollBack?

2/ What would cause the Close() to hang rather than dropping
the connection to allow a reconnect if 1 is not the case?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services