Subject Re: [IBO] Mousewheel events :: was Strange behaviour of IB_Grids - or is it my fault?
Author Christian G├╝tter

thanks for your answer.

I thought about this, too.
But I don't know where this should be.

I have tweaked the application so that all grids
except one are working now, but I don't know why.

I just use the standard, unmodified IBO components.
Perhaps Jason may have a clue what is going on.
I don't know exactly the timezone of Arizona but
I guess it must be about breakfast time there.
Here in Germany, it's late afternoon and that's usually
the time Jason starts answering :-)

Anyway, thank you very much for your interest in my
strange problem.


Helen wrote:
> If I could have given you an *explanation* I would have. I
> just wondered whether it might provide you with a clue to why
> the mousewheel event message was being delayed...e.g. a Yield
> setting somewhere set False and deferring the mousewheel event?