Subject Re: [IBO] Strange behaviour of IB_Grids - or is it my fault?
Author Christian Gütter

nobody replied to me, so I reply to myself <g>.

I have done some debugging and it seems that
the mouse wheel problem is a timing issue.

I open the form, try to use the mouse wheel to scroll
through the grid - and nothing happens.

Then I put a breakpoint in TIB_CustomGrid.DoMouseWheelDown and
I see this event is triggered - and now it works.
It seems that my computer just needs some time to do it right:
everytime I put in the breakpoint, it works, otherwise not.
And if I put in a breakpoint, and then remove it at runtime after
the event was triggered for the first time, it still works.

Now I've found a workaround for this: I removed the initialization
of the TIB_Query which is related to the IB_Grid from the OnCreate
to the OnActivate event of the form.

Now it works. Strange, isn't it?

Concerning the issue that in some TIB_Grids the first row isn't
highlighted when they are focused, I am still stuck.



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> Von: Christian Gütter
> Gesendet: Montag, 12. November 2001 16:58
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> Betreff: [IBO] Strange behaviour of IB_Grids - or is it my fault?
> Hi,
> I have got a form with a TPageControl and
> some grids on the PageControl.
> When I enter a tabsheet, in some of the grids
> the first row is highlighted, in other grids
> not.
> I wonder why this happens because as far as I
> can see, the poperties of the grids are all set
> to the same values.
> In addition to that, in some grids, I can scroll
> through the dataset using the mouse wheel, in others
> not.
> And what makes things even more strange: after scrolling
> through the grids which can be scrolled through using the
> mouse wheel for a while, the other grids change their mind
> and can also be scrolled through using the mouse wheel.
> All my grids have RowSelect and ListboxStyle = True; I use
> IBO 4.2Eg on Windows 2000.
> This behaviour just occurs on the form with the PageControl,
> all other grids in my app work fine.
> These are not very severe errors, but I would be glad if someone
> could shed some light on this.
> TIA,
> Christian