Subject [IBO] TIBOQuery invalid properties stored in DFM
Author G. Allen Casteran
Came across this yesterday and it looks like a bug to me. If I have
aTIBODatabase on the main form of an application and add a TIBOQuery to a
datamodule, then IB_Connection and IB_Transaction properties show up as
<default> in the Obj Insp. When I try to save the DM after copying to a new
filename, Delphi reports that the for xxxDataModule is linked to form
Database, do I want to remove or redirect the links.

Looking at the DFM it has these properties set for the Query.
IB_Connection = MainForm.Database
IB_Transaction = Database.trDatabase

Then Delphi thinks that Database is a form or something. Since these are
shown as default in the Obj Insp. I did not expect these properties to
appear in the dfm. I would expect the object to merely assign them when
the object is instantiated at run-time.

Can this be fixed, Jason?