Subject DML caching
Author Tomas MichalĂ­k

I came across a problem and a little assistance might help me.
I have two queries:
q_list is read only, it selects a list of items based on some condition
(typically 'where field starting with ...')
q_item is updatable (insert,update), it selects just one item from the
previous list - those two are connected via MasterParamLinks.

When I insert a new record via q_item I want that record to appear in
the q_list too. I am able to do it via DMLCacheFlag settings on both
queries, if the newly inserted record complies with the WHERE clause of
q_list. But I want it to appear in q_list even if it doesn't comply. Is
this possible at all ? I guess it is but I don't know how to achieve
this :-(



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