Subject Re: [IBO] Delphi to Builder
> I've try to translate this code from Delphi to Builder
> "qryMain2.ColumnAttributes.LinkParamValue['ITEM.DESCRIPTION', 'NOCASE'] :=
> 'ITEM.SHW_DESCRIPTION';" so i did this
> "qryMain2->ColumnAttributes->LinkParamValue["ITEM.DESCRIPTION","NOCASE"]="IT
> EM.SHW_DESCRIPTION";" but it give me the following error
> C++ Error] Main.cpp(335): E2193 Too few parameters in call to '_fastcall
> TIB_StringList::SetLinkParamValue(AnsiString,AnsiString,AnsiString)'

I never did get my head round Delphi Defaults, but I know
that using this sort of 'array' structure in Builder needs
some extra bits filled in as the default Delphi way of
working does not work in Builder.

Hopefully sombody with a few more brain cells can fill in
the missing bits, but I think it needs something like

= "IT

This tells it to treat the = "" as the third string - but I
know I'm not totally correct here.

Can someone fill in the proper step please.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services