Subject Delphi to Builder
Author Gerardo Mena B.
I've try to translate this code from Delphi to Builder
"qryMain2.ColumnAttributes.LinkParamValue['ITEM.DESCRIPTION', 'NOCASE'] :=
'ITEM.SHW_DESCRIPTION';" so i did this

EM.SHW_DESCRIPTION";" but it give me the following error
C++ Error] Main.cpp(335): E2193 Too few parameters in call to '_fastcall

and the definition of the property is the following

__property AnsiString LinkParamValue[AnsiString ALink][AnsiString AParam] =
, write=SetLinkParamValue};

i could not find the error it seems that it takes two parameters but the
compiler tell me that is 3
any clue will be apreciate
and thank in advanced
i have Builder 5 Ent and IBO 4.2