Subject Re: [IBO] Ordering-Problem
It seems, that the problem is in the function TIB_BDataset.LookupKeyForFields in
IBA_BDataset.imp at line 3536.
Here's the call-stack:

There's another phenomenon I can't explain. I set a BreakPoint at line 3582
(curCursorGen := FCursorGen;) and change the OrderingItemNo from -1 to 1. Delphi
stops at the breakpoint, I press F9 and then the dataset is ordered at once. I
delete the breakpoint and change the OrderingItemNo from -1 to 1 and the
ordering takes nearly 1 minute. This is reproducable. When I set a breakpoint in
the LookupKeyForFields-Function the ordering takes only 2 seconds otherwise 1
minute. It seems, when there is a short break (in this case the waiting for me
to press F9) the ordering works correctly.
Any ideas ?


Jason Wharton wrote:

> > Then tell me please, what is the callstack ?
> The callstack is what you get when debugging in Delphi so that you know what
> all functions and methods have been called to get you to where you are in
> execution. Tracing this tells me what was called and why it is fetching
> records.
> Look at it from the Debugging menu of Delphi. Consult the help files to know
> more details.
> NOTE: This is an essential thing to know if you are a Delphi programmer.
> Time spent learning to use the full array of debugging resources is very
> well spent.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton
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