Subject Re: [IBO] Component Compatibility
This part of the application typically several hundred records but
can get upwards of 20 - 25 thousand. Another part of the application
not yet complete can get to 600,000+ records.

For those of you whom may think I've flipped as to why I would do an
application that would allow that many records to be retrieved, let
me explain.

This application is for the Financial Data for all the Community
Colleges in Illinois. Chief Financial Officers of the colleges want
to query the database for multiple colleges information and save that
data on their own systems (Database, Spreadsheets, etc.) for their
own analysis and studies.

Although the application does have standard Financial Reports, I have
been tasked to give them the ability to retrieve any inforamtion they
want, no matter how much, in whatever format they need to work on
their own systems.

Later applications will be built accessing millions of records
(Student Records, with 1 million+ added every year). In reading the
Which component should I use in the IBO Help file. I gather I should
use the (IB_) components wherever I can, one for functionality, two
for speed. Which is what I'm looking for in all my Applications.

The help file also states that in the unidirectional for IB_Query
(there was no unidirectional help for IBOQuery) "if possible, to use
the TIB_Cursor component and thus avoid the overhead of the buffering
layer.", will this ba a major issue for me later with the large
amounts of data?

Thanks again

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> > I'm working on an application now that was using an IB_Grid and
now I
> > have to use DBGrid. This part of the application doesn't require
> > major data manipulation. Just a query, the results are put into a
> > grid and the users can export the data to any format they want,
to do
> > with what they will.
> >
> > I would only run into trouble if I wanted to use IB_Grid for some
> > specific functionality that DBGrid wouldn't or couldn't do. Am I
> > correct in this assumption?
> Sounds right to me.
> What is the size of the dataset being exported?
> If it is potentially huge then you may want to use the
> property of the query.
> HTH,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ