Subject Crash on exit
Author B.D.S. Bell
Hi Everyone,

This is probably one for Jason, but any other comments would
be appreciated.

We have been using IBO very successfully for some time, but
just recently we did an installation using InstalShield
Professional, which runs an SQL stored proc. The proc runs
fine and all is well until the installation program is
We get a access violation but only when run under WIN95.
This happens on the instruction FreeLibrary( FGDS_Handle );
in the Destroy...

destructor TIB_SessionBase.Destroy;
inherited Destroy;
// if InterlockedDecrement( FGDS_SessionCount ) = 0 then
if FGDS_Handle >= 32 then
FreeLibrary( FGDS_Handle );
FGDS_Handle := 0;
// end;

Commenting out FreeLibrary( FGDS_Handle );, all runs OK.
The other comments above are in the original source code.

Installation on NT4 Sp6 works fine.

IBO Ver 3.6Ba
Win95 Installation Application environment

Any help for a work around /fix will be most appreciated
since we don't want to update IBO until the next release.


Bryan D.S. Bell
Cognito Limited

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