Subject Just upgraded - problems
Author Lauren Kinkead
I just purchased a licensed copy of IBObjects 4_2_f and 4_2_fa for Delphi 5
and I'm having a really hard time getting my existing project to work

1. My TIB_Connection in development immediately errors out saying "User
name and password invalid". That's ok, I just set the password.

2. When trying to compile, I have errors on all the references to the
IBDataset includes. Do I switch that to IBODataset? I've done that and it
will compile.

3. I have a datamodule with my TIB_Connection, in other datamodules I setup
the IB_Connection property to datamodulename.ConnectionName. Before
upgrading, it would retain the DatamoduleName.connectionName, but now after
selecting the connection, it goes back to saying <default>.

4. All of these are fine (I think), but I'm afraid they are somehow causing
this BIG problem. I've lost my master-detail relationships. The master is
fine (and is filtered) but the detail is eof. (Also, what's curious is that
if I do an insert into the detail table, that new record will show up
without any syblings). I've setup an independent project with the same
tables, filtering, mastersource and masterfields and it works as expected,
so somehow my project is corrupted??? It's absolutely not feasible for me
to start this from scratch.

Any help will be MOST welcome, I'm experienced with Delphi but pretty new to

Lauren Kinkead