Subject One Way Replication
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
The help file states that currently replication is only one way. I am not
totally sure what is meant/implied by one-way.

Second Question.
I want to give a short description of my db structure and want to know if
the replication modules will be able to do the job. If I understand the
meaning of oneway correctly then my replication need is two way in a sense.

Table Structure
Amount Integer
Code VarChar(25)
Branch VarChar(25)
BookType VarChar(25)
DateTime TimeStamp

Primary Key(Code,Branch,DateTime)

This table is used to manage stock, that include the booking to branches and
the sale that happens.
Typical Entry
Amount Code Branch BookType DateTime
10 A4 GLEN IN 06/11/01 09:30
-2 A4 GLEN SALE 06/11/01 10:30

We have multiple branches but each branch only have the data for itself and
not for the other branches. The main branch has to have all the data, for
itself and for the branches.
Thus data have to be send from the main branch(workshop) to the other
branches and the sales data from the branches send to the workshop.
Records will never be edited so that kind of replication is not necesarry.