Subject RE: [IBO] Duplicate messages
Author Norman Dunbar
Hi Helen,

>> >> I used to be (primary) NDunbar@...
>> OK, I set that one to No Email. You can still post from that address.
Interesting - because that one is my old one and I cannot see it when I try
to update my settings. I suspect that yahoo keep it around somewhere - maybe
a cache - and post to it anyway. If that one was still there, then that
explains why I'm getting duplicates.

>> >> NormanDunbar@...
>> That one is not present in the list at all.
Hmm. I deleted that one from by backup email address only 5 minutes ago.
Funny how it vanished without trace, but my old primary email hangs around
'invisibly' :o)

>> >>I am now (both) Norman.Dunbar@...
>> This one is set to receive emails.

Many thanks Helen, it looks like YahooGroups has a small problem when
someone changes their primary email address. (Maybe).


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