Subject Re: [IBO] MasterDetail vs. TIBOQuery
Author Jason Wharton
With TIBOQuery it works just like it did with TQuery.
Use the DataSource property to point to a datasource which points to your
master dataset.
Then have an input parameter in the detail with a name which matches a
column in the master dataset.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] MasterDetail vs. TIBOQuery

> One question about implementing aster Detail relationship using
> TIBOQuery :
> there is no MasterLinks property exposed in TIBOQuery, so :
> 1. AFAIK when both datasets have same name for join field (i.e.
> CUSTOMERS.CUSTNO and ORDERS.CUSTNO) any INSERT for detail dataset
> aquires value for that field from Master automat. (so it's
> unnecessary to set it progr.) - is it true TRUE ?
> 2.what about condition when join field has different names in master
> and detail dataset - ?
> greetings
> Lucas Sroka