Subject ISC ERROR CODE:3355444475
Problem: IB Server 6.01 is running on RedHat 7.0
No problems occurr till we had to change the IP Numbers of the
IP Number of Server was changed to from
All IP Addresses of clients were also changed and suddenly it wasn't
possible anymore to connect to the server.
A ping is possible.
Samba is installed on the Server, and the server is reachable.
Only a connection to the IB Server was rejected by Host
I tried both the Hostname and the new IP Address.

On the local console of the RedHad Machine the connect to the
database is possible without problems.

I checked everything reccommended in the White Paper "How to diagnose
connection Rejected and Connection Refused Errors.

Then I changed the IP Address back on one client and on the server an
again everything works well. After another change the connection was
rejected again.

Maybe anyone can help me