Subject Re: [IBO] Filtering problem
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Helmut,

> The background: I want to show only records, where
> inactive = 'F', but don't want to code this in every
> module of the application.
> Any ideas how to do that?

I am not a big user of views, but I am wondering if this may be an
instance where views may be appropriate. Rather than embedding this
requirement into your code, setup a view for each table and use the
view in your query. That way you are not "consuming" the filter
feature for this generic requirement, allowing you to apply additional
filters over top of the view when required without your automation
getting in the way.

As for using an ib_query derivation... SysPreparedChanged may be the
best place to install the filter definition - thats about the first
place you can know that the columns are defined (if Prepared).
However there may be problems with recursion if you try to turn
filtering on in that override - not sure but you may be able to work
around or minimise the impact of that problem my simply checking if a
filter is already defined.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing