Subject Re: [IBO] Master detail Bug with MasterParamLinks?
Author Jason Wharton
> Oh, I see. So I should explicitly set Insert.SQL with P_something and
> it should work...

No, you don't get it. I said you need to change the parameter name to match
the name of the column.
In other words, get rid of the P_ prefix.

> But, bside all, what are the advantage, if any, of one solution
> respect the other (MasterLinks/MarterParamsLinks)?

There are things you cannot accomplish with each one of them that the other
For me it seems totally self-explanitory.

One way puts the parameter in for you because it is a simple equity
relationship between two columns. The other way allows you to have more of a
complex input parameter in a non-equity relationship.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ