Subject ISAPI and runtime packages
Author Marcello Mannino
My idea is to write a set of functions that have to be used by either a
desktop client or a browser.
For an example a reporting module that can print to paper or to a PDF file.
The desktop client can use both the options, while the browser only can have
the PDF created and then download and print it.
So I was thinking of writing a runtime package with the descripted functions
and being able to load it from a Win32 exe or from an ISAPI/CGI app.
1) Has anyone done something similar ? Any suggestion ? Are there any
pitfalls or issues that I should know before I start working on it ?
2) Should I prefer sharing an IBO_Connection object between EXE/ISAPI and
the runtime package or share just an handle (the apps are mono thread) ?
Thanks for your attention!