Subject IB_xxxxBar ReceiveFocus/DataSource design time bug
Author Marco Menardi
I've noticed that if you set the, for instance,
IB_NavigationBar.DataSource and then set it's ReceiveFocus property to
True, then the DataSource is blanked (correct), but if you now set the
DataSource again, ReceiveFocus is not automatically set to false.
I've tried to locate the code responsible of this, but without
success. It seems that it's a design mode only behaviour...
Where can I find the code? It's in some Ibo property editor one? (and

There is one more strange behaviour, this time of IB_Actions, with
shortcuts. When I press the shortcut key (F5) the action seems to fire
twice (I've noticed when an exception occured (i.e. in the
IB_ActionPost), since the error message was shown twice). It's strange
since they inherit from standard VLC TAction... any idea?

Marco Menardi