Subject Re: [IBO] New base release posted to all areas
I have done some further tests. When I open my customers-query with OrderingItemNo=0 and want to locate a customers by its name, the locate-method finds the
customer. The same result, when I order by the customer-name. But when I open the query ordered by another column than the customer-name, the locate-method
doesn't function. This is reproducable, when I open the query ordered by the customer-name or not ordered, the locate-method works fine. In every other case,
I mean ordered by another column than the name, the locate-method doesn't find the customer.
In IBO3 the locate-method worked independent from the ordering column.


Jason Wharton wrote:

> Please delete all your compiled package files and regenerate them. Simply
> rebuilding often leaves old compiled package files out there to cause fluke
> problems. From the odd sound of your problems you don't have a clean set of
> packages compiled. Also remember, when applying a new base release you need
> to do this as well as start from a fresh clean slate.
> Jason Wharton
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