Subject Improved IB_Action, need your opinion to complete the work
Hi, I'm improving IB_Actions to make them "focused dataset" aware.
I've completed the work on IB_ActionUpdate.pas, but as a collateral
effect of using IB_IntarfaceDataLink.INT, now the action has the
ReceiveFocus property and the OnReceiveFocus event.
At first, I thought to set ReceiveFocus automatically to True if no
DataSource is provided, and hide ReceiveFocus property and the
OnReceiveFocus event from the ObjectInspector (redefining them as
But what do you think? Is it better to keep them "alive"? Are they
really useful (Actions are non visual)?
Second: IB_ActionNavigate.pas has been improved in 2001/05/04 by Guido
Klapperich and uploaded. Is someone using this version? Is it ok? If
Jason is reading, will I start from your last release or from that
Thanks in advance
Marco Menardi
Btw, I'm getting very excited in the possibility of improve IBO by
myself and release the patch to everyone. I had VCL bugs reported to
Borland for YEARS with fix included but without any result :(