Subject can IBObjects help with identifying where an IB script fails ?
Author Mark Meyer
hi everyone..

i was referred to this list by someone on the IB-Support list. i am
unfamiliar with IBObjects and what they can do.


what is the best way to identify where and why an interbase script failed
running it inside of either interbase utility ISQL or WISQL. this seems like
something that should be very simple to do - right ?


i have written a delphi utility that produces a VERY LARGE interbase script
(several thousand lines). the purpose of the script is to perform mass
updates/deletes/inserts to an IB schema based on a daily oracle .dmp (dump)
that we receive from a vendor.

the intent is to produce the script each day and submit it to either ISQL or
WISQL. i also want to bullet-proof this so that our operations group can
perform this
task un-assisted.

since the script is so large i need a way of identifying the offending SQL
line in the script that caused the failure. during testing - i found no
good way to do this inside of either WISQL or ISQL.

we have identified that the most likely reason the script may fail during
production - is bad data coming from the vendor.

i realize that i could just fire the sql inside of a delphi app and log the
progress/failure points. however - there are several reasons why having the
delphi app produce the script and then submitting the script to ISQL or
WISQL is advantageous.

thx for any help
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